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About the leopard

The innovation of development、Professional、In accordance with the customer

The specific requirements The car inside and outside decoration products

Wenzhou li leopard auto parts co., LTD was founded1989Years,Specialized in the production of domestic well-known、Interior and exterior decoration companies sell cars。Company headquarters is located in wenzhou, zhejiang,In the domestic3A production base“Wenzhou(Lili openmindedness)Production base,Wenzhou(Rock)Production base,Guangzho(Zengcheng)Production base”,2005Years passed

ISO9001:2000Quality management system certification、2010Years passedISO/TS16949Automobile industry quality management system certification。

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Design center

Design Center


The experiment center

Experimental center


Development center

Development Center



Designed and developed

Lili panther company insists“Strive for perfection,Constant innovation”Product development philosophy,Product series include stainless steel stamping decoration class、Plastic spraying、Plastic plating decoration class、The main products are fenders、The central armrest box、

Roof rack、Side door pedal、Before and after the bar、Under the engine protection plate、China open、Rest MATS, etc

Chevrolet10Compact sail front fog lamps

Modern11Sonata front fog lamps

Outside the civic shake handshandle

The elantra outside door bowl


Product center

Lili leopard meet with you2019Shenzhen jiuzhou spring show
The 18th annual car modification industry exhibition,Collection industry10Big category,4000+Brands of the event。Lili leopard take you appreciate the exhibition scene。
The car,Start from the bottom——Li leopard engine under guard measure
“Bad bad bottom first”,Chassis often with sewage、Contact materials such as sand,And chemical composition of the material will slowly corrosion chassis and chassis parts,So the car is the easiest bad chassis。Use the vehicle looks good or bad,The chassis is one of the most intuitive sign。Like this chassis,Protection is very good and the engine is the heart of the car,Protect the car“The heart”You should give“The heart”Add a“Ma3 jia3”——The guard,This is common sense。But believes that many owners may be under the guard is confused,Or don't know how to choose。We will choose today“Lili leopard under guard”To give you
Century difficult problem | Lunch break at the office why so difficult?
Work hard all morning,After the meal. You can finally rest!!,Grasping the noon break,Take naps。Taking a nap as a daily breaks one of the important ways of body,Has an irreplaceable role,The appropriate nap,Not only can eliminate fatigue,Also help to adjust the mood,Prevent disease。For office workers,Lunch can also improve the work efficiency。But,For office workers,Lunch is on the table lay to rest,After wake up all kinds of uncomfortable,Feel the arm pins and needles,Cervical vertebra ill,Has a pain in the neck,And blurred vision。When the head often in the side of the people,Or excessive rotation,Easy to cause the side wing


News center

Stick to it“The independent innovation、Design in the future”The slogan,Adhering to the“Low cost、Clever combination、High quality”For the purpose,In order to“Not the best,Only better”The policy of demand,For each big makers to provide high quality products。


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